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DJANI Wildlife ProjectsRHINO CALF RESCUE is a South African conservation awareness initiative by DJANI Wildlife Projects born out of the urgent need to save the increasing number of rhino calves left orphaned due to the horrific increase in poaching of adult rhinos.

One private organisation that has been preserving and conserving white rhinos in South Africa for the past three decades with more than 25 calves born and raised successfully, is Mr. Ed Hern of the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve (image on left).

  Renosterkalfies wees gelaat na wildstropings.   Rhino calves orphaned due to poaching.   Nuutste wildstroping van witrenosters.   Latest poaching of white rhinos.  SANParks declares War on Poachers. The White rhinoceros is one of the five surving rhinoceros species in the world and this rhino species is not only the most adundant in numbers, but they are also the largest and the only one feeding mainly on grass. .
Rescued rhino calvesRescued rhinos
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